duPont REGISTRY April 2015
$ 6.95

It’s hard to believe it’s been thirty years since 1985, when we came up with a vision to bring something new to the media marketplace—a four-color perfect bound marketplace magazine capable of showcasing the finest cars in the world. We’ve seen the duPont REGISTRY™ grow into a brand the ultra-affluent always turn to when searching for their next purchase. And through the years, it’s been a pleasure to frequently see our easily recognizable title featured at world class automobile events, on popular television series and in hit movies.


For thirty years, the duPont REGISTRY™ has produced more than 360 monthly issues featuring tens of thousands of vehicles for sale. The team here has always worked to be true to our audience and our advertisers, evolving to bring them together in step with changing consumer habits and technology.


You have always heard me expound on the status of the marketplace for classic, luxury and exotic automobiles.  Recent years have seen the marketplace grow in value, size and complexity. There are currently more cars for sale and more buyers, and the buyers’ expectations for their shopping experiences have advanced based on their tastes and a rapidly increasing ability to access information.


The duPont REGISTRY™ always has and will continue to evolve to consistently reach the world’s most exclusive audiences through a best-in-class print format designed to bring buyers and sellers together. Our website has grown in lock-step with the expansion of our monthly magazine issues. In addition, our Autofluence blog and social media presence has increased tenfold over the last year. At this time, our website and Autofluence blog have leveraged the last 30 years of history into the most efficient and streamlined marketing experience designed to bring together the most qualified buyers and sellers in the world.


In the spirit of looking back while driving forward, please enjoy this 30th Anniversary Issue of the duPont REGISTRY™. You’ll see a selection of some fabulous automobiles and other unique and rare items that have great appeal to enthusiasts of the finest collectibles available. And, one such item is the Brady Lincoln Chair featured on pages ___ and ___.  This amazing piece of history has been thoroughly vetted by accredited experts and is only available for a short time.  After May 10, 2015, the owner will move forward with alternate plans if no collector is found.  The duPont REGISTRY™ is pleased and proud to present this extraordinary piece of history, and believes strongly that it is a “must have” for the serious collector.  Act now before it’s too late. 


Normally, it would be most difficult to acknowledge one event or reader or advertiser from the last thirty years.  However, Richard Gorman of Vantage Motor Works easily fits the most rigorous inspection requirements.  Why?  Because, Vantage has had an ad in ALL of the duPont REGISTRY’s published in our first thirty years.  So, Richie, here’s to the memories and to thirty more years of friendship, partnership and exciting automobiles.


Happy Motoring to Everyone,



Thomas L. duPont