duPont REGISTRY March  2018
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Dear Reader,

            Wow!  Scottsdale Auction Week was as always, incredible. 

            The number for total sales at all auctions (early reports) was $247.8 million representing 2,668 autos sold out of 3,176 offered, for an 84% sell-through rate, at an average price of $92,887.  This compares with 2017 results of $259.8 million, 2,899 sold out of 3,486 offered, for an average sell-through rate of 83%, and an average price of $89,617.  Quite incredible.

            Of course, the duPont REGISTRY was there to witness a lot of the auction action.  Our display at Barrett-Jackson was phenomenal and a big THANK YOU to our media partners who supported us with their presence.  The duPont REGISTRY/LIVE afterglow party at the exclusive W Hotel was a real record breaker.  Many of our own clients and auction celebrities were there till the wee hours celebrating the success of the day and the friendships of the duPont REGISTRY MEDIA partnerships.

            I would be remiss if I did not report on Barrett-Jackson’s Charity Car Auctions.  On Friday, the first 2019 Mustang Bullitt (VIN 001) was sold.  The gavel fell at $300,000 to benefit Boys Republic, a treatment facility for troubled youngsters.  At Saturday’s auction, a pair of Corvette’s were offered.  First up to benefit the George W. Bush Center’s Military Service Initiative was the Carbon 65, which is a snazzy anniversary model based on the Z06.  As a guest of Carolyn and Craig Jackson, #43, President George W. Bush made an appearance, signed the car and dropped the hammer at $1,400,000. 

            The next Plastic Fantastic to cross the block was a stunning 2019 Corvette ZR1.  The first production example, arrived with 755 horsepower, and with all the proceeds going to the Stephen Siler Tunnels to Towers Foundation, that benefits veterans and their families, the hammer dropped at $925,000.

When President George W. Bush AND Jay Leno appeared on stage to help Barrett-Jackson complete their benevolent and philanthropic goals, it is truly incredible.  Clearly, Craig and Carolyn Jackson and the whole team at Barrett-Jackson Auctions are to be congratulated when it comes to helping those in need.  A big congratulations to all of them for their incredible efforts.

Happy Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont
Publisher Emeritus

P.S.  Our cover car featured in Uncovered is the new American hypercar.  At 0-186 in ten seconds, the Hennessey Venom F5 has 1600 hp.  Only 24 examples available. For more information, go to

P.P.S.  Thank you to Volkswagen for making a great SUV in the 2018 Atlas SEL.  I was fortunate to drive one around to all the auctions while in Scottsdale.  It was a great ride and deserving of the “Best Three-Row SUV in 2017”!