duPont REGISTRY November 2017
$ 7.99

Dear Reader,

            Wow, Fall is here!  In case you haven’t heard … hurricane IRMA visited us shortly before press time (way back in September).  It was a “night to remember”.  In fact, it was several nights and days with no air conditioning, no power, no connectivity.  But, we were the lucky ones.  Our friends in The Keys, The Bahamas, The Caribbean, and Puerto Rico, did not fare as well, nor did north-east Florida and the Georgia and South Carolina coasts.  If you have a moment, do some research and find a way to help out.  Locally, we have seen some of the finest moments of moral, spiritual, physical, and emotional outreach in our lifetimes.  The idea of helping those in need, those less fortunate, is a good one.  It is especially good when the tragedy strikes with such abandon and for no other reason than geography.  God Bless those who survived and God Speed their recovery.

            Here at duPont REGISTRY Headquarters we missed a few days of work, but hardly missed a beat.  First on our minds was our team, some of whom needed time to “normalize” their home life after the hurricane.  They got it and have returned the favor to the company 10-fold.  With everyone pitching in every second, we cleared every deadline and you are looking at the results.  Many thanks to the team and also to our printer who kept the lights on no matter what!

            I would be greatly remiss if I did not also thank our marketing partners as each had to jump through some last minute hoops to clear deadlines.  We are always pushing the envelope to provide the best platforms for our advertisers, but IRMA put on some additional pressure.  Thanks to you and yours.

            Now, a word on our cover car, the fabulous over-the-top supercar:  The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE.  Styling alone is an expression of artistic sculpture combined with dashing finesse.  Under the hood is even more extraordinary.  The 1,000+ horsepower engine can hit 11,000 RPM.  Top speed:  217 mph.  Mercedes engineers actually dialed back the power plant’s capability to extend the engine’s lifespan.  Availability:  Early 2019.  Only 275 examples will be manufactured to the exact “bespoke” demands of the owner.  Price:  $2.6 million plus.  From concept to reality, it’s going to be quite the ride.  We will keep you posted.

Happy Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont

P.S.  Don’t get confused when you go to the newsstand and see TWO duPont REGISTRY’s.  One is the regular monthly edition of the “Buyers Guide of Fine Automobiles”, the other is our annual “Exotic Car Buyers Guide”, with the Fux Fuchia McLaren 720S -- on the cover, in all its colorful regalia.  What?  Can’t find a copy of the Exotic Car Buyers Guide?  Call/email me at headquarters and we will make a copy available to purchase as long as supplies last.