duPont REGISTRY April 2017
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Dear Reader,

It is hard to believe it’s been thirty-two years since we came up with a vision to bring something new to the media marketplace—a four-color perfect bound marketplace magazine capable of showcasing the finest cars in the world.  A lot has changed over those 3 decades.  We’ve seen the duPont REGISTRY™ grow into a brand the ultra-affluent turn to when searching for their next purchase.   Throughout the years, it has been a great pleasure to see our easily recognizable title featured at world class automobile events, on popular television series and in hit movies.  It has also been a pleasure to partner with some of the best brands in the automotive marketplace and present them to the best audience imaginable.  That’s you, the reader, the auto-enthusiast with refined taste for all types of luxurious goods and services.

Over the years our “print media platform” (which you are holding) has continually outperformed our competitors almost every single month.  In 1985, the concept of a single purpose, marketplace magazine with limited or no editorial was the ONLY way to reach out to buyers and sellers across the United States – and around the globe.  Since then, electronic media platforms have impacted the global engagement of buyers and sellers in a way that not many imagined.

duPont has met the many challenges of the internet in many, many ways.  Our social media platforms, in conjunction with our marketplace website, our ever-popular blog “Autofluence”, and our enormous Facebook follower base, has put us in the forefront of auto enthusiasts everywhere in the ever-growing electronic media marketplace.  One of the duPont’s most notable mileposts is our listing in MIN (the Media Industry Newsletter) as the number 3 media platform for “engagement activity”.  This means that over 4,700,000 of our 6,400,000 followers on Facebook have actively engaged with information generated by our social media editors.  Congratulations to these folks, as there is no other automotive platform within sight, and only the Food Network Magazine and National Geographic engage more followers than we do (and they have a lot more followers).

While we work hard at maintaining and growing this enormous level of exposure, we feel that targeted marketing is also a valuable tool for our advertising partners.  It is important to be careful how you surround your product.  Environment (as in marketplace) is a very important branding tool.  That’s where we come in.  “Surround yourself with products that speak highly of the product or service that you are providing.”  This is a branding mantra that has placed duPont REGISTRYTM in a position to properly expand your product and brand exposure.




The duPont REGISTRYTM recognizes this important responsibility to serve not only our advertisers (sellers) but our enthusiastic readers (buyers).  Today is the day to take action.  We are prepared to meet the marketing and branding needs of our advertisers, and to satiate our readers’ thirst for the very latest in automotive print, electronic and event media.  Join us and learn how to access classic, luxury and exotic automobiles, and the various luxurious accoutrements that need special recognition in a specific marketplace.  Step out into the world of the duPont REGISTRYTM for the 33rd year!

Happy Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont

P.S.  We have some really unusual offerings for you in this issue, and on the internet: 

First, is the Publisher’s Choice:  What a pair of red road rockets!  The Maserati MC12 and the Ferrari F40.  Both cars represent the epitome of design and performance.  See pages 32 & 33.

If American supercars are your focus, try page 81 for our second Publisher’s Choice, the 2004 Ford GT CP-1.  This is a truly one-off, one-time opportunity to be part of Ford’s racing history and own an American classic for the ages.

The first Publisher’s Showcase is just that:  A showcase of six (it was seven and one sold!)  low-mileage, high value supercars.  The collection is for sale. Start with the 2008 Bugatti and end with the 2013 Bentley Mulsanne (more room for friends).  See page 55.

On pages 72 and 73 is our second Publisher’s Showcase, the Aston Martin One-77 that was on the cover of the last issue.  We have had substantial interest and are still entertaining a few more avid supercar enthusiasts.  Call 727-777-6084 for more information.