duPont REGISTRY April  2018
$ 7.99

Dear Reader,

            Today’s world is full of instant demands, voluminous information and nothing short of “uninterrupted continuity”.  Certainly, your smartphone is a useful tool to acquire such information and act with speed, but it is also can be an enormous distraction.  Allow me to introduce you to a 33 year old tradition that is designed to combat the information overload that we (you) are experiencing.  Yes!  The good old duPont Registry A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles magazine … no electricity needed (except after dark), no interconnectivity, only a little concentration and some physical dexterity.  Flip the pages and enjoy!  After 33 years, it just feels good!

            Inside you will find “Uncovered”, a feature that attempts to fully explain the attributes of the cover car, the new TECHART GTStreet R.  Truly the best way to experience this new German land rocket is to drive it.  So, put down the magazine, dial up your smart device and go see our friends at German Tuning Corporation;; phone:  949-449-1596.  Tell them I sent you.

            Elsewhere, immerse yourself in our 33rd Anniversary Issue.  Hundreds of cars that you want to own.  Perhaps there are a few that you WILL actually own.  Then be sure to go to and view thousands of cars for sale.  Surely, there are some on the website that you may want to own.  AND, to those of you who need to (one never WANTS to) sell your prized automotive art, look no further.  Join your friends and present your offering to hundreds of thousands of auto-enthusiasts in the pages of the duPont Registry every month and on the internet at every nano-second.  Surely, someone will buy your prized possession.  By the way, it has worked for me.  All of my advertising opportunities in duPont Registry have been successful.

Happy Motoring,

Thomas L. duPont
Publisher Emeritus

P.S.  If we did not see you in Boca Raton, you missed a big one.  Jay Leno, Tim Allen, and yes, duPont Registry.  Fabulous weather, cars, and tons of money raised for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County.  Happy to help!  Don’t forget Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach is just around the corner (April 11-14) and they will be selling John Staluppi’s entire collection.  Be there!  And, Happy 33rd to all!  Here’s to the next 33!