duPont REGISTRY August 2015
$ 6.95

Dear Reader,

            Here we go again!  Last year’s forecast for Monterey Auto-Madness Week was “more cars, more money, more buyers, more sellers, more car shows, more exhibits, and of course, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  More, more, more…

            But, this year, it’s different.  The Pebble Beach Concours has always extended an invitation to a particular “marque” (or marques) that will be showcased in addition to various year-continent-feature classes.  This year’s selection is “duPont”. This, indeed, is an extraordinary honor for this writer and one that will long be remembered by many members of my family and, hopefully, the collector car enthusiast family as well.  Look for a dozen or so examples of the best offerings from the duPont Motorcar Company in our special marque class.  There are only about 31-33 known examples left in the world today.  They all feature stunning coachwork, late 20’s technical and mechanical breakthroughs, top-shelf engineering and fabulous motoring performance.  I look forward to seeing you on the “green” on Sunday, August 16th.  Look for my 1929 duPont LeMans 4-place Speedster!

            Of course, the Monterey Auto Week is about more than a single marque’s display on Sunday.  To go to every event would be impossible.  To go to most events would, at the very least, be exhausting.  The prices are by no means inexpensive, but all are worth the “investment”.  Contrary to the world of potato chips and spices, Pebble Beach and the related auctions, shows, receptions, etc. are packing MORE into the special week of Auto –madness.  The government regulations in the consumer products world call the empty space in your latest purchase of chips, pepper, Slim Jims or Old Spice deodorant, “slack fill”.  In the sensitive world of toilet tissue, it’s called “de-sheeting”.  Conclusion:  in the world of classic, luxury and exotic car show days, weekends, and weeks, you are getting MORE not less.  We applaud the distinction.

            In the automotive media end of business, we align with car shows like Monterey Auto-Madness Week.  The duPont REGISTRYTM is providing the very best in print media, the most useful in electronic media and the best experience in shows… all with less staff, and more effort every month, weekend, and day.  Hat’s off to the team for a great first half of 2015!  And, thanks to you, our readers and advertising partners who all made it happen.  Now more than ever, the epicenter of the marketplace for classic, luxury and exotic automobiles AND related luxury goods for the sophisticated connoisseur of elegance.

Happy  Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont


P.S.  Uncover the madness of Monterey’s auctions right here.  Our own special featured offerings brought to you in living color with no noise, no travel, no pre-sale registration.  Not  that auctions are bad (we love them), but right here in your hands is a collection of the very best exotic super cars available.  The cover car is (obviously) the unbelievable Ferrari La Ferrari and the balance of the now-for-sale collection is located on pages 64-67.  Take a look.  Worth $5 million?  You bet!  Enjoy!