duPont REGISTRY August 2019
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BRABUS is not in the business of creating anything slow. Whether it’s a sports car or SUV, everything they put their name on is built around power, speed and class. Even their SUVs are absolute powerhouses, packing power figures that are on par with most supercars. One of the finest examples of BRABUS and their craftsmanship is the 700 Widestar, a super-SUV based on the new Mercedes-AMG G63. For this month’s cover, we’re pleased to present Mr. Alex Soltani’s example of the Widestar 700, which was commissioned by Platinum Motorsport.

Under the hood of the 700 Widestar is the same four-liter V8 BiTurbo engine found in the AMG G63. However, the engine has been handled by BRABUS engineers, and that means more power. More specifically, the 700 Widestar packs the B40-700 performance upgrade, which bumps up horsepower from 585 hp to 700 hp. Torque is also increased from 627 lb-ft to 701 lb-ft. With that power, the driver of the 700 Widestar can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds. How many SUVs can do that?