duPont REGISTRY March 2016
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Dear Reader,

Press time issues have made it impossible to opine on Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale (and all the other auctions) in this March Publisher’s Letter.  Part of the problem lies with the auctions themselves, as they all moved their schedules back to the last weekend in January.  For Arizona Auction Data, please refer to our very active blog, Autofluence (450,000+ visitors per month). You will be getting information as we receive it with no delay due to printing and delivering of the magazine.

            However, I can’t resist a few thoughts that will be useful to you when you look at auction results.  These are not meant to be predictions, just information.

            In September 2007 the Dow Jones peaked at 15,813
            In February 2009 the Dow Jones bottomed at 7,896
            In February 2012 the Dow Jones reached 13,496
            In February 2015 the Dow Jones peaked at 18,332
            On January 15, 2016 the Dow Jones was at 16,009

            Has the value of a collectible Ferrari out-performed the financial markets?  Over the last 8.4 years?  Ya think?

            One might ask what will happen with the next few years.  Or, the next 8.4 years?  Where do you go to find out what was, is, and will go on in the world marketplace for classic, luxury and exotic automobiles? Answer:  RIGHT HERE and at!

            How do buyers take advantage of a rising market and how do sellers do the same?  Certainly, the auctions provide bell-weather information on certain cars, marques, and manufacturers, but oftentimes the excitement of the moment and the desires of just two investors (the winning bidder and the under bidder) can skew the market value of a car.  Not so, if you are an enthusiastic auto-analyst with the history (provided in print) of the classic, luxury and exotic car marketplace.  NOTE:  If you need back issues for your research, call us, we have plenty of history in our warehouse.

            I am quite sure that many people doubt the value of print, but Mr. Magazine, Samir Husni, PhD says the days of print-is-dead are over.  Even overwhelmed millennia’s are seeking safe harbor with the comfort of magazines.  His opinion (as well as mine) is that the internet is like TV – one long commercial interrupted by bits of story.  Magazines unload commercials at your speed.  The world’s best automotive marketplace magazine is almost exclusively ads.  But, unlike TV and the internet, you get them at your speed…  without power interruptions!  And, the data is the same when you go back and look at it.  And, new data arrives on your schedule (in your mailbox or at the newsstand).  Even though, you do not need power, magazines are not totally energy independent, but as long as you pay your electric bill and/or the sun is up, the shelf-life and energy life of the magazine you are holding is endless.

            There are other events over the next few months that will help break the boredom and warm you up as well.  Namely, the 10th Annual Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance from February 19 – 21.  The 19th at 7:30 pm is the duPont REGISTRY/LIVE event at the Boca Raton Airport.  An extravagant display of aircraft, auto-craft and accessories awaits your arrival.  Dine on sumptuous samples of several select local restaurants and enjoy the cool and comfortable Florida night air.

            One month later the duPont REGISTRY/LIVE will take place at the Fernandina Beach Airport on Amelia Island, Florida.  Two private airplane hangars will be filled with exotic automobiles, glamorous accessories and enticing artwork.  Hublot will be there to present their Big Bang Ferrari Carbon Titanium and the Big Bang Ferrari Carbon King Gold timepieces, and the tarmac will be full of aircraft for your review.

            Don’t miss either of these events that kick off the exciting Concours event weekends.  See you there!

Happy Motoring!


Thomas L. duPont

P.S.  Be sure to check out our new McLaren Section on pages 46-52.  As you know, McLaren has taken the exotic car market by storm and we are pleased to include McLaren Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Florida; Boston McLaren, Norwell, MA, and McLaren New Port Beach, Newport Beach, CA  in our inaugural section.