duPont REGISTRY February 2017
$ 6.95

Dear Reader,

How special is it to have two of the five “70th Anniversary” Ferrari’s on the cover.  Be sure to study all five versions of these special Ferrari’s in our “Uncovered” feature.  There will only be 70 of each one in honor of 70 years of Ferrari.  And, note that another Ferrari will most likely enter the record books this year because a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (one of less than 40 built) is currently for sale for a record-breaking asking price of $56.8 million.  Surely, it will sell for more than the previous record of $38.1 million.  What a way to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of one of the most iconic brands in automotive history.  “Wow!”

            Somewhere in the pages of this fabulous issue you will also find the introduction of the Limited Edition “Tommy Bahama” Airstream Sprinter.  Another big “Wow” for another iconic motoring brand!

            The rest of this special February issue will help you focus, visualize, understand, meditate, negotiate and articulate on many, many facets of the iconic marketplace for classic, luxury and exotic automobiles.  No place better than right here in the pages of the duPont REGISTRYTM , monthly/12 times a year in full color, no batteries included or needed. 

            The duPont REGISTRYTM has always been a “print-centric” operation.  Notwithstanding, the advent of the internet, our print circulation in terms of subscribers, has remained remarkably constant – even picked up in the face of the Great Recession, the digital revolution and a dramatic increase in automobile auctions. 

            2017 is already off to a roaring start and will most likely bring even more speed to an ever-changing marketplace.  The duPont REGISTRYTM stands ready to out-run the competition by combining our 31-year-old print platform with our exciting internet presence (6 million+ followers on Facebook; 1 million+ visitors on Autofluence; and 75,000+ autos for sale on  and our very active duPont REGISTRY/LIVE and duPont REGISTRYTM Cars & Coffee events.  We will continue to provide new and improved print, electronic and event venues for our advertisers to reach readers and vice-versa.  From products, to distribution, to delivery, to brand expansion, you will find the next 12 months to be exciting. I promise.

            There was a time when the telephone was going to replace print.  That was followed by radio, TV, and now the internet.  But, in today’s world, the duPont REGISTRYTM and its integrated media platforms are ready to lead the continuing media revolution.  Enjoy!

Happy Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont
Publisher and Chairman