duPont REGISTRY June 2015
$ 6.95

Dear Reader,

            At press time the results were just rolling in from the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Palm Beach, Florida.  It was four days of spectacular cars, huge crowds, and some exciting innovations at the 13th annual sale at the South Florida Fairgrounds.

            This year the duPont REGISTRYTM partnered with Barrett-Jackson to present the FIRST “Supercar Showroom presented by duPont REGISTRY”.  This 5,000+ square foot tent was packed with over $1,000,000 worth of fabulous auction offerings (some at no reserve).   The consignments featured Ferraris, Aston Martins, a Spyker, Lamborghinis, and even TWO Ford GT’s.  In addition to Barrett-Jackson’s Supercar Auction consignments, duPont REGISTRYTM displayed six supercars worth in excess of $1.7 million.  They included the extraordinary armored Terradyne (see page ___), a special Starwood Custom “Super Jeep” (see page ___ ), a brand new “blue cepheus” Lamborghini Aventador Spyder with over $100,000 in optoins, a fabulous white on white 2015 Rolls Royce Wraith, a 2013 Red Ferrari 458 with very low mileage, and the practical yet luxurious Airstream Sprinter.  Barrett-Jackson reported sales of over $1.5 million for the Supercar fleet!  A great success.  Be sure to look for another “Supercar Showcase by duPont REGISTRYTM” in the future.

            The view of the overall collector car market remains the same.  There are a lot of new buyers with considerable cash, wanting only the best.  This has led to the steady escalation of prices for the rarest offerings with provenance and in show-ready condition.  The rest of the marketplace (everything collectible) is still subject to the whims of buyers and the eagerness of sellers.  Sometimes not.  One thing is for sure:  if you don’t market your car with purpose and discernment, you are not going to be noticed.  There are a lot of cars out there and a lot of buyers.  It’s not easy to find the right buyers.   That’s what we do.  From Supercar Showcase to private treaty sales, the duPont REGISTRY is here to bring focus to the marketplace through events, magazines, internet and all other unlimited forms of communication.  Buyers continually turn to duPont REGISTRY to find the car they are looking for.  That’s what we do.  Join us.  It’s a great ride!

Happy Motoring,

Thomas L. duPont

P.S.  Our fanatical Facebook-friendly followers now number over 5,000,000.  A phenomenal accomplishment and a result of:  A) the duPont REGISTRYTM brand, B) the universal appeal of automobiles of all types, and C) the relentless creativity of the duPont REGISTRYTM social media staff.  Twenty-four hours per day our team explores a growing number of sources looking for the most interesting and INDIVIDUAL bits of information that our consistently-growing fans find fascinating.  Do you have something interesting that we might not know about?  Drop us a line by contacting to let us know what you know or what you need to know.  It’s just a few clicks away!