duPont REGISTRY May 2015
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Dear Reader,

            It’s May and Spring is finally here.  The winter doldrums (and temperatures) are gone and it’s time to roll out the “special wheels” and have some fun.

            This logic was not lost on those who attended the “big three” auctions back in March at Amelia Island.  Spring had already reached the Island by then and the eager buyers of classic, luxury and exotic cars spent over $100 million on new rides!  Wow!  How fun.

            The sun shown on Bill Warner and his team as the 20th Annual edition of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance went into the record books.  The addition of the new MotorXpo on the adjoining fairway provided more vendor space and room for enthusiasts to wander on Saturday AND Sunday.  All the major luxury and exotic car manufactures staged ride and drives.  And, of course, the presence of Sir Sterling and Lady Moss made for a truly historic and memorable weekend.  It was absolutely, bar-none… the best!

            Back here at home, in April, we staged our regular 3rd Saturday of the Month Cars & Coffee at USF SP (that’s University of South Florida Saint Petersburg), complete with a big crowd, many new offerings from our dealer clients, and a Grand Prix race car.  The St. Pete Grand Prix (held March 29th) was almost ready and the beautiful Florida weather made the event, location, and the participants a show of “best in class” automotive enthusiasm. 

Some of this may be old news; for those of you looking for the latest, “all the news that’s fit to print” is on our new website (aka Blog) known as Autofluence.  It is easily found on   Go there every day to stay up to date on the latest activities in our world.

            Our marketplace is being influenced by the coming of age of the traditional baby-boomer generation. T His is an enormous demographic group with plenty of spending power.  Hence, the rise in interest (and sales) in mid-to-late century classics.  What does that mean?  Let’s focus on 1950-1980 European and American sports cars.  Sure true brass era and traditional pre-war classics are holding their own, but sports and horsepower are leading the way.  This is right in the duPont REGISTRY sweet-spot.  There are 80,000 cars on our website and hundreds more in living color on the following pages of this issue.  A virtual and print candy store for the Boomers with a sweet tooth for cars.  Confused or overwhelmed?  Call us, we will help.

            Thinking long term, you should buy or hold on to that current model classic, luxury or exotic car that suites your fancy, especially if you are a parent or guardian of the children of boomers!  It won’t take long for them to start buying up the dream cars of their youth, just like boomers are buying 1950-1980 rides now.  When history repeats itself, they will probably have plenty of resources.

Happy Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont

P.S.  We hope you enjoy our 3rd Annual Gentleman’s Best Issue.  It is, as always, an extraordinary selection of fabulous, over-the-top, luxury and exotic products.  All available for purchase – From Ulysse Nardin watches to a cashmere and silk prince suit from Brioni, to Ralph Lauren sunglasses.  And, you can’t go wrong with any of the luxury and exotic cars, including the Bugatti “LeFinale” Veyron.  See pages 25-47 for all of duPont REGISTRY’s 2015 Gentleman’s Best.