duPont REGISTRY May 2017
$ 6.95

Dear Reader,

                It gives me great pleasure to report that Bill Warner and his team of dedicated workers and volunteers have completed another Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance Weekend without ANY help from Mother Nature and her offspring, the Rainmaker.  In a split-second, The Amelia was rescheduled from Sunday to Saturday.  The decision was made on Thursday morning and the celebration of Best of Show occurred late Saturday (one day early) due to Sunday scheduled downpours greater than 2”.  The emails and social media took a nano-second but the work took the next 48 hours (when the gates opened) of round-the-clock work.  Every single vendor, promoter, exhibitor, media mogul, etc. rose to the occasion and backed The Amelia staff at every opportunity.  There was an incredible aura of “trust” that everyone would do the right thing.  They did.  The Amelia 2017 was a remarkable display of leadership by Bill Warner and his team, and an endearing display of the camaraderie that permeates the class, luxury and exotic car market.  Super-duper congratulations to the Amelia.  Job well done – enough said!!

                The “big auctions” at Amelia suffered very little from the rescheduling, and grossed over $112,000,000 sold.  There is, however, a shift in the marketplace that reflects in greater activity in more useable and affordable automobiles.  The upper reaches of the market continues to be a battle between the discerning collector and the eager or note-so-eager seller.  Result:  Seriously rare examples of automotive, mechanical and styling art are selling for premium prices.  Provenance helps, and perfection is important as well.

                This May issue shows off our annual Gentleman’s Best.  This display of highly-desirable autos and accouterments is just in time for some early Father’s Day shopping.  This year’s selections can best be described as exotic, extraordinary and expensive … but worth every penny to the discerning gentleman.

                This month’s Publisher’s Choice feature focuses on some very special editions of muscle cars from SpeedKore Performance Group.  The Tantrum and the Menace are great monikers for a well built, super powerful, classic muscle car look with the best in housing and power … all for the true enthusiast.

                Over the years, we have had several security dog advertisers.  On pages 42 and 43 in this issue are two women who have taken canine security to a new level.  Their advertising byline for Global K9 is “When Your Best Friend is Their Worst Nightmare!”  Their story is remarkable and their service is more than security.  It is an ongoing relationship between Global K9 Protection, your best friend, and your family.

                To our friends up north, Spring has sprung finally, and with it comes the right weather to exercise your favorite automobile.  Go for a ride and enjoy the experience!  What?  No favorite ride?  Look no further than the next 40 pages of this issue.  And…

Happy Motoring,

Thomas L. duPont