duPont REGISTRY November 2016
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Dear Reader,

            I just finished reviewing some old Publisher’s letters.  One in particular stands out -- November 2010.  Back then I departed from the usual observations of the automobile market, recognition of important events and thoughts on the never ending coordination of print, electronic and event marketing to opine, briefly, on our collective and individual rights, and responsibility to vote in the upcoming election.  It was 2010, not a presidential election year, and I wanted to remind you of this privilege that we should not ignore.  I do so again.

            Shortly after you receive this issue, or when a majority of our newsstand buyers pick us up off the shelf, it will be election day in the U.S.A.  Vote.  It is your privilege.  Not everyone in the world is so fortunate.  Yes, the Presidential lever is important, but so are the rest of the candidates, referendums, and laws that require your consideration.  Don’t understand all of the complexities of this year’s ballot?  Go learn.  There is nothing more valuable than an informed electorate.  LISTEN, LEARN, VOTE.

            The Publisher’s Choice in this issue is featured on page 41.  It is the ultimate in protective personal transportation.  This particular Terradyne Gurkha provides ultra-secure interior space for driver and passenger and an easily accessible truck bed that is outside of the cabin.  The “Avalanche” configuration provides flexibility, safety, and efficiency.  This extraordinary example of exacting craftsmanship can be yours for only $350,000.  It is a 2016 with only 700 miles.  And WOW!  There is a small, white box and joystick shown on the console.  That is the control system for a 360-degree pan, tilt, zoom night-vision camera system with dash-mounted monitor.

            The picture seen below is only a partial shot of the duPont REGISTRYTM Cars & Coffee event held Saturday, September 17th at Peter O. Knight airport in Tampa.  Normally held at our office, we opted to go on the road for an annual fall event.  Good thing!  We had over 1,000 cars and at least 3,500 people.  The small airport with no scheduled commercial traffic was ideal.  In the background, the beautiful skyline of downtown Tampa reflected the early morning sun.  A day break departure of a gigantic cruise ship reminded us of the importance of water-borne transportation. A locally owned acrobatic plane provided a smoke trail through the morning sky.  As if that wasn’t enough, a privately owned, high performance, 2-seat, L39 jet did a very, VERY low fly by down runway 4.  Getting into the event might have been a touch tedious, but once everyone was in, we enjoyed a fabulous fall morning in Tampa.

            Do you want to know how you can do this?  Contact Inglis Leslie (ILESLIE@DUPONTREGISTRY.COM) to learn a few of our techniques and sign on to the ready-to-launch duPont REGISTRYTM Cars & Coffee website which will feature ways for you to develop an official duPont REGISTRYTM Cars & Coffee in your area.  This includes exclusive rights to a territory, PR, internet benefits and huge contact lists for expanding the brand (ours and yours).

Happy Motoring!

Thomas L. duPont