duPont REGISTRY November 2018
$ 7.99

Dear Reader,
Now, did you notice our cover car? Nobody does more unique, exotic, and purposeful modifications to the venerable Mercedes-Benz Sprinter than LEXANI. These fellows are legendary for their innovative wheels, body modifications and sublime, yet almost overwhelming interiors. The EXTV Kalahari 4x4 is no exception. It is a stunning example of luxury, off-road capability, adaptability and artistic automotive design. Each EXTV Sprinter is a bespoke example created for the owner. Options include convertible sleeping, relaxing arrangements,
ambient overhead LED lighting, upgraded audio-visual and sound systems, AND kitchenette options to keep the camper cook in fine shape. Every Sprinter comes with Lexani leather, padded storage and unique carpet and wood floor options for almost any taste. You do not need to go any further than this to go further than you have imagined in customized comfort with an unparalleled exotic excellence.
Now, again, drift to the opposite end of the marketplace for classic luxury and exotic automobiles and you will find a singular example of history, engineering, and “uniqueness”. Barn-finds are often bland examples of forgotten rusted metal, but in this case finding an original unrestored 1934 Bentley 4 1⁄2 -liter Blower Tourer could rank as the supreme discovery. Located at an estate sale behind hay bales and old farming equipment, it took just minutes for the owner and his friendly Bentley expert to acquire “this real deal”. Hundreds of hours later this extra-ordinary example of automotive history has been painstakingly restored and featured at a
number of automotive events around the world. Now, the owner says it is time to move on and the chance to own a Bentley Blower is presented on page 24.
Perhaps you need both. Transport your Bentley Blower to the next Concours
d’Elegance and then arrive in style and comfort in your Lexani LXTV Sprinter. The best possible options from the duPont REGISTRY.