duPont REGISTRY October 2017
$ 7.99

Dear Reader,

By now the vast majority of you have seen, heard and digested the results of the Monterey/Pebble Beach Auto-Extravaganza.  The good news is that there were enough events and cars for sale to keep any auto-enthusiast busy.  The bad news is there were more than enough events and cars to keep you busy.  There were so many that you had to choose.  If you had an idle moment, you could pull up your picnic chair and your sun-shade umbrella on almost any street corner.  Within a moment, a classic, luxury or exotic car would drive by and give you plenty to think and talk about.  It was, as always, an extra-ordinary time for the enthusiast.           

                Let’s briefly review the auction sales first.  Overall, there were six auction companies vying for your attention as a buyer and your consignment as a seller.  Each of the auction companies represented their particular niche in the marketplace extremely well.  Almost 1,300 vehicles sold at Auction.  There is no record of how many “private treaty” sales there were (they are private, after all), but I assure you there were plenty.  Approximately, $330 million was spent on new acquisitions on the block or shortly thereafter.  Overall, this was a repeat (reasonably) of 2016, showing considerable strength in the higher-end cars and not so much in the lower end.  Supercars were up, down and sideways.  Suffice to say it’s a very busy marketplace that favors the educated buyer and seller and for the most part values are reasonably based on condition with a slight edge to the popular marque-of-the-moment.

                Now, let’s talk about some excitement right here in your favorite magazine and on your favorite website (  In addition to the hundreds of automobiles for sale, please carefully review our annual Watch Guide.  This year’s selection ranges from colorful to golden, indestructible strength to classic elegance, from limited marque-associated timepieces to rare and innovative chronometers.  Just like cars, there is something for everyone and for every event or activity on your already full schedule.  Keep your calendar on your smart-phone and help yourself be on time and fashionable with the latest timepiece.

                Our “Uncovered” cover is the latest in Bespoke Super Cars.  The McLaren 720S speaks for itself (the tunes are really exciting) but the color is off the charts.  Our graphics specialist and our printer did their best to bring the one-off color to life.  It’s appropriately called “Fux Fushia” as a tribute to the businessman/philanthropist/auto-enthusiast, and his one-and-only supercar --- in this color!  To properly present this very special example of rolling automotive art, McLaren Special Operation (MSO) represented by Mike Flewitt, McLaren Chief Executive Officer, appeared with the new owner on the Concept Lawn at Pebble Beach.  A perfect environment for the unveiling of truly bespoke automotive excellence.

                These are exciting times for the well-heeled collector and the inspirational enthusiast.  Stay tuned and don’t miss a single issue.

Happy Motoring!


Thomas L. duPont

P.S.  As you pause to reflect for a moment on the frenetic pace of the summer marketplace for classic, luxury, and exotic automobiles, don’t forget that there is more to come.  Specifically, Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas which has a new time slot in October, from Tuesday, October 17 to Sunday, October 22.  This will be a great place to buy/sell and review the marketplace as the Monterey exuberance will have dissipated and you can focus on your next transaction.  See you there!