duPont REGISTRY September 2015
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Dear Reader,

            Contrary to popular opinion, print is not dead.  After all, you are reading this Publisher’s letter that has been brought to you in black in, on white paper, in a monthly magazine distributed on newsstands and delivered by mail.  Even when the digital version of this month’s spectacular 4-color, coated stock, perfect bound MAGAZINE is available on the internet, it will only be a digital version of a printed product.  I might note that this is not a “chicken or egg first” question.  The magazine was first.

            The world (and especially America) has long had a love affair with magazines.  Often referred to as the “most trusted” media, magazines have captured the attention of their readers in a permanent way that clearly contrasts with the fast blinking electronic bits and bytes that light up a video monitor with ga-billions of pixels.  A further note is that over the 30 years of publishing the duPont REGISTRYTM, our relentless efforts have put more dots on a page causing improved imaging, quality and delivery speed.  Suffice to say that “print, while certainly not dead, has changed a great deal over time.”

            The important point here is media-sector relevance and recent studies show a growing affinity for print especially among the tech-savvy younger generation.  One might even surmise that the youngest consumer segment is becoming somewhat “tech weary” and welcomes the solace of print (no pop-ups, no delays, no dead batteries.)  All of us like to think of the internet as “on-demand” when in fact a magazine is even more on –demand and scrolling through the pages of new or old issues doesn’t require passwords, digital files, battery life, or stronger signals from the nearest source.  In some cases, Wi-Fi accessibility or inaccessibility can be considerably more complex than picking up your favorite “mag” and flipping pages.

            While some of the most knowledgeable media pundits hold print in high regard, they are quick to point out that there is no print product that is not permanently joined to some type of electronic web-based internet operation.  How the two are tied together is the internet:  Inseparable, interdependent, and consistently tied together.

            Here at the duPont REGISTRYTM we are constantly refining our ability to bring the very best marketplace to both readers and advertisers.  While pleased with our efforts over the last 30 years, we know the next 30 years will provide opportunity and challenge.  Like any true automobile enthusiast, we ask you to “get in, sit down, hang on and enjoy the ride.”

Happy Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont

P.S.  Magazine covers always represent the contents of the issue behind them.  There’s no doubt that covers are, by themselves, influential and can be controversial (reference the recent cover of Vanity Fair).  We really try to make every cover just that.  This month’s view of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce shows the power and stature of a true supercar. We think that the content behind this example of automotive excellence matches its image.  We hope you agree.