duPont REGISTRY September 2016
$ 6.95

Dear Reader,

                A year ago (September 2015), I wrote in the Publisher’s Letter that “print is not dead”.  I opined that magazines are the most trusted form of media and one that does not have pop-up ads, 30-second commercials, requires no battery power, cannot be hacked and has unlimited shelf life.  Here we are a year later, and the experts have added one more benefit.

                The newest print media benefit is a more generally accepted concept that print media is an introductory pathway to the web.  It’s similar to putting your phone number and/or web address on a billboard in an upscale neighborhood.

                This means that magazines (like the one you are holding) are the entry way to the marketplace.  This is not like TV where commodities and things-you-have-to-have are sold.  It is not a need.  It is a desire.  And, when someone who desires a special automobile, watch or other luxury accessory, they often (very often) begin right here in the pages of the duPont REGISTRYTM – a trusted form of media with a long history of providing a place-to-go to satisfy those desires.  This magazine establishes the legitimacy of the seller simply because of brand association.

                As many of you know, our mission is to make the best possible resources available to both buyer and seller.  Recently we confirmed an inquiry from an “enthusiast” who was asking about buying a Ferrari Aperta.  The enthusiast, calling about an ad in the duPont REGISTRYTM A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles, went on to say he has several other high performance collectibles and that in addition to acquiring the Aperta, he was considering selling one of his other exotics in order to make room for the next new high performance Italian Spyder.  This is what we do.   Put buyers and sellers together. The rest is up to you (but we are always here to help) … see below.

There is no better time for a seller to be in print.  Buyers (the RIGHT buyers) are aware of the value of print.  This is not to say that is not valuable.  That constant presence in the world of “ga-billions” of eyeballs is important.  This is especially so in the world of aspirational buyers who may not be shopping today, but might be buying tomorrow.  Associating your products (cars, watches, other accessories) with us is a powerful reminder for the future.  Don’t miss out.

Happy Motoring,


Thomas L. duPont

P.S.   Owner of extremely rare, low mileage, fully restored, Porsche certified, 1968 911L wants to sell.  Extraordinary example with Porsche European headlights and updated modern radio. Clean.  Call the Publisher:  727-897-8337 or email:  Hurry, won’t last long!



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