duPont REGISTRY September 2017
$ 7.99

 Dear Reader,

 As you all know, the marketplace for Classic, Luxury and Exotic automobiles is very active. There are more auctions, more internet “sales-sites,” more “private treaty sales,” and more room for negotiating, modifying, polishing, etc.

Buying a car from a reputable dealer or selling a car to a reputable buyer; these two interrelated activities are intensifying under increasing levels of stress. Why? Because a hot market can breed a mixture of good opportunities and bad situations.  With a little extra “spin” it can be difficult to discern a re-do from a restore, a modify from a “soup-up,” perfection from reality….etc. etc. etc. You know the story.

We generally believe that our advertisers (sellers) are the “cream of the crop.” We feel the same about our readers (buyers).  You can list a car for sale on a number of websites, newsprint publications and on street corners. Going the extra mile and actually “showcasing” a car in the duPont REGISTRYTM and on our website takes more effort and more commitment. This is our first filter. After that, we rely on our perception of the marketplace and the comments of our readers. We do not hesitate to verify provenance, use Car-fax and demand information.  Our advertisers are eager to step forward with this type of data. And our readers are becoming more discerning (sometimes demanding) in the search for their Automotive prize.

Today’s marketplace has gone a little soft, but only when focused on marginal automobiles. The very rare, top-end, historic automotive prizes continue to escalate in value. The middle of the road (no pun intended), desirable, dependable “driver” has come under pressure.  There are a lot more on the market (and there are a lot more buyers). However, along with solid cars that are available to the collector, there are the ones that look solid, could be solid and might be great rides.  Choices.  Be aware.

 As you probably know, we have a bespoke selling assistance program called “Supercar Sellers Services.”  While we intended to assist with Supercars, we get lots of other requests. We are happy to help!  So call us. We will give you our opinion straight up and let you know how we can assist you in either buying or selling.

One more thought on the marketplace. As the millennial wave comes crashing in upon us, you may want to heed the following. Today’s and tomorrow’s auto-enthusiasts will want information immediately. They generally live in small urban “residences.” After basic transportation, their auto-enthusiasm may be restricted by space. “Open-road-driving-for-fun” is not always easy to figure out or actually even find that open space.   Mechanically sound, easily repaired, always charged up…..sound familiar? Fast and powerful can be just as valuable as comfort and stylish, but not the least of which, it has to be UNIQUE.  Everyone aims to be different: color, wheels, roof, wrap, size.

Think about it and Happy Motoring.


P.S.  I mentioned UNIQUE.  Our Publishers Choice this month (page 67) is certainly that.  This 2005 FORD GT is nothing short of spectacular and it’s “the GT that FORD wanted to build but couldn’t because it was cost prohibitive”.

P.P.S.  I get extra-excited when I learn of the interconnections of automotive history and cutting edge technological advancement.  This is certainly the case with the announcement of the 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast.  The name “Superfast” was applied to the 400 and 500 Superfast that was the epitome of style, speed, technical, mechanical and AUDIBLE excellence in the mid 60’s.  Congratulations to Ferrari for honoring heritage and setting the excellence bar at a new very high level.