About Us

For over 36 years, duPont REGISTRY has been the premier exotic and luxury automotive marketplace. Having connected millions of buyers and sellers across the globe, duPont REGISTRY has facilitated billions in transactions. With such provenance, duPont REGISTRY is where buyers and sellers of fine automobiles turn to when they want results.

Now, duPont REGISTRY has become part of the Motorsport Network and is undergoing a momentous transition. By utilizing Motorsport Network’s advanced technology capabilities, duPont REGISTRY will further extend its leadership position as the most influential, innovative, and sophisticated ultra-luxury and exotic automotive marketplace. The new duPont REGISTRY magazine and website are just the start of what is to come from us.

In the coming months and years, duPont REGISTRY’s transformation into a new company will be on full display for all to see. Get ready for a new duPont REGISTRY that will stand at the pinnacle of all automotive marketplaces.