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duPont REGISTRY August 2021

duPont REGISTRY August 2021

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The Nevera is the production-ready iteration of the Rimac C_Two, which was revealed in 2018. Since then, Rimac’s engineers have refined their flagship on every level during an extensive development program, in the pursuit of the ultimate electric hypercar driving experience. Fittingly, the Nevera bears a Croatian name and one that truly reflects its prodigious performance. The name given by the locals to a quick, unexpected and mighty Mediterranean storm, that races across the open sea off Croatia, a nevera is extremely powerful and charged by lightning. he Nevera is designed and engineered from the ground up, to set the bar high, utilizing the full potential of the electric powertrain today, proving what Rimac had always been saying – that electric hypercar is beyond exciting. Shaped by airflow, Nevera’s form is dictated by performance. Rimac’s signature necktie design feature is sculpted into the flanks and is a key component of Nevera’s aerodynamic profile. Designed for both sport and comfort, Nevera is as much a capable grand tourer as it is a performance hypercar. The interior design combines the best of both worlds: digital and analog, with screens soaking up needless switches, leaving only essential tactile controls and more space to focus on the driving experience. The key to Nevera’s exceptional performance is Rimac’s electric powertrain. The 120kWh battery, capable of producing 1.4MW of power, it’s also an integral part of the car’s core, adding 37 percent structural stiffness to the carbon fiber monocoque. Four motors drive the Nevera’s wheels individually enabling 1914hp and 2360Nm of torque. All this makes the Nevera the fastest accelerating production car with the ability to sprint to 60mph in 1.85 seconds, a ¼ mile time of 8.6 seconds, and a 258 mph top speed. To harness all this power, Rimac’s versatile and responsive R-AWTV 2 system enables control as well as drivetrain calibration for the Nevera to facilitate any driving style through seven different driving modes. Globally homologated and limited to 150 units worldwide starting at $2,600,000, every single Nevera is crafted by the Rimac team in Croatia from passion and admiration for cars. Customer deliveries start in 2021 and the Nevera is exclusively available through Rimac’s global dealers partners network.
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New Design

The NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine features an all-new look for the cover and pages inside. This latest evolution of our magazine is our best yet.

New Format

Inside the NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine is an all-new layout that features four distinct sections: Buy, Drive, Live and Sell. These following along the exotic car ownership experience and feature original editorial.

Premium Materials

The NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine cover and pages are now of higher quality material, providing readers with a more premium and substantial reading experience than ever before.


You won't be able to find the NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine just about anywhere as it's become much more exclusive and distribution is more selective. The easiest way to purchase new issues is to do so right here on our online shop.


Every issue features two covers: one for newstands and another designed exclsuively for subscribers. Subscribers recieve an art-forward cover with less text that's crfted to collect.