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duPont REGISTRY August 2022

duPont REGISTRY August 2022

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Some people can’t leave well enough alone. In the automotive world,
 they’re known as tuners. They look at a car from the factory as unfinished, and only they have the final piece. God bless ’em.

There are a handful of tuning companies so good at what they do, they’ve been bought by the automaker they specialize in and brought in house. Names like Polestar, Alpina, and AMG. What AMG in particular did — first as a racing team and then as a boutique builder of Mercedes-Benz performance vehicles — is the blueprint for success in the tuning business. We review their history on page 14.

The company’s story hit a new high this year with the final unveiling of the AMG One, a road-going interpretation of the Formula 1 car that Lewis Hamilton dominated the sport with for eight years. Congratulations, AMG. You’ve set the standard for tuners, and earned our cover this month. Ready the story on page 18.

While we’re welcoming one supercar into existence, it’s sadly time to say goodbye to another. The Lamborghini Aventador is stepping aside after a decade of production to make way for the Italian brand’s electrified future. Not, however, without a swan song. The last Aventador is called the Ultimae — a fitting title, considering it’s the most powerful nonelectrified Lamborghini in the brand’s portfolio. We had to drive it to get one last taste of Lamborghini’s legendary V12 engine (page 30). Maybe you haven’t bought a Mercedes-AMG or Lamborghini yet and you’re upgrading your own car with aftermarket parts. There are a few things you should know, and our rundown on page 36 offers a primer on body modification, performance tuning, and tire setup.

While it won’t add horsepower to your car, paint-protection film (PPF) is one of the best investments for preserving your car’s value, particularly if it’s your daily driver. Nothing ruins a car’s appeal like imperfect paint; PPF is the answer. We’ll tell you more about it on page 41.

Did you know other industries have tuners too? There are watch “tuners,” for instance, that take those wrist-mounted machines to new heights with exclusive customizations. We’ll introduce you to a few of them on page 72. Likewise, boats have tuners — in some cases, they’re the same ones tuning cars. That other Mercedes tuner, Brabus, recently unveiled a new line of speedboats, the Shadow 900 and Shadow 300, which we take for a spin on page 91.

Lastly, we found a company that will tune any car you want, as long as it’s 1:8-scale or smaller. Amalgam Collection makes the world’s finest automobile models with a level of personalization that borders on insanity. Amalgam will re-create your car in miniature right down to the dent, dirt, and stain level. Check out their handiwork on page 84.

Tuning and customizing is as alive and well as it was in the time of hot rods. Perhaps more. No amount of regulations for safety, efficiency, or emissions has slowed that down. With cars like the AMG One that trace its roots back to a couple of guys turning a wrench in a basement, the idea of souping something up will seemingly endure as long as they don’t outlaw tinkering.

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