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duPont REGISTRY August 2023

duPont REGISTRY August 2023

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McLaren may not be dominating Formula 1 right now, but its automotive division consistently earns a place on the podium for its road cars. And while the brand has produced some truly insane cars in its Ultimate Series, it’s the 720S from the “lesser” Super Series that has grabbed more headlines. 

Perhaps it’s because the 720S is a bit more accessible in terms of price and availability than, say, a McLaren Senna or Speedtail. Or maybe it’s because I’ve watched so many videos on YouTube of the 720S embarrassing every car on earth in a quarter mile drag race.  

Enter this issue’s cover car: the new 750S. McLaren recently debuted this successor to the 720S, and it’s a lot more of the same. It has 30 more horsepower. It’s 66 pounds lighter. Its upgraded 7-speed sequential gearbox has a shorter final drive ratio. Its track is wider. Its air intakes are larger. It has a quicker steering ratio than before. The new 750S is somehow much better than the superlative supercar it replaces.

It’s also, reportedly, the last car McLaren will build that’s powered solely by an internal combustion engine. Electric propulsion is the future, but give this company credit for not abandoning ICE without a fight; the 750S and its upgrades should ensure a McLaren still finishes a drag race ahead of a Tesla every time. 

This month’s issue of duPont REGISTRY has two more supercar features you don’t want to miss. The first is our review of the incredibly innovative yet nostalgic Ferrari 296 GTB on page 30. This is the first Ferrari with a V6 in nearly 50 years! And instead of being down on power compared to its V8-powered stablemates, the 296 GTB comes packing 830 prancing ponies thanks to a little bit of electrification. 

The other supercar feature is about our first time behind the wheel, but not the windscreen, of the unique McLaren Elva, which you can read on page 48. As mentioned earlier, McLaren’s Ultimate Series has produced some bonkers cars like the F1 and P1; the Elva is the latest and most interesting of the group. The open-top supercar has no windshield at all, though you can get a fixed windscreen as an option (we don’t recommend it). This car is rare, fast, and expensive, which are the three main qualities we look for in a car. 

If size were our main indicator of automotive greatness, the LOKI Coach would be our GOAT. Jump to page 42 where we introduce you to the most impressive and luxurious motorcoach you can get on the venerated Prevost chassis. Want to travel in true baller style? The LOKI Coach features a sleek exterior and modern interior, plus big advancements in power management, renewable energy, and automation. Our advice? Burn down your guest house to make room for a concrete pad to park this thing.

There’s more in this month’s issue you’ll have to discover for yourself (pro-tip: I particularly like our feature on adventure watches on page 70). It’s the kind of issue that begs not to be put down, so don’t give in to the impulse. After all, your next car is probably somewhere between these covers. Now go find it.


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