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duPont REGISTRY January 2021

duPont REGISTRY January 2021

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The success of the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo EVO and Huracan GT3 EVO race cars is undoubted. Because of this, Lamborghini has decided to create what’s essentially a street-legal version of the race car, the new Lamborghini Huracan STO (Super Trofeo Omologato). This V10-powered supercar has all of the knowledge from Squadra Corse’s team behind it while being able to cruise on public roads.

Across the exterior of the Huracan STO are new components and features that aim to increase its aerodynamics and downforce, just like any race car. Upfront, Lamborghini’s engineers combined the bonnet, fenders, and bumper into one single piece, similar to the Miura and Sesto Elemento. The air ducts on the front bonnet increase airflow to the central radiator while the front splitter aids in the creation of downforce. The rear of the new Huracan STO is where some of the most extreme aerodynamic components can be found. First up is the imposing adjustable rear wing with the double airfoil setup. Resting on top of the engine bay is a wicked shark fin that’s integrated into the revised rear bonnet. 

In the cabin where the modes can be selected is an interior that was designed with racing in mind. For the sake of weight, the sport seats are crafted out of carbon fiber, carpets were removed and replaced with carbon fiber floor mats, and even the door panels are made of carbon fiber. 

Powering the Huracan STO is a naturally-aspirated V10 engine that produces 640 horsepower and 417 lb-ft of torque. This power is sent to the rear wheels for a 0 to 62 mph time of three seconds and a top speed of 192.6 mph. That being said, it’s not the Huracan STO’s acceleration or top speed where it will shine, it’s on the track.


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