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duPont REGISTRY July 2020

duPont REGISTRY July 2020

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When looking back at missed opportunities, every automaker is guilty of not building what customers wanted. When the 1992 Corvette was announced to arrive with the LT-1 V8, a team from Toms River, New Jersey decided to build the 1991 Pontiac Firehawk. GM would not consider adding power and performance to the Camaro and Firebird because of internal competition. But they did make an exception by allowing a Tier-1 supplier to build cars the public was begging for. What began as SLP (Street Legal Performance) has grown into SVE (Specialty Vehicle Engineering). As GM’s #1 supplier, they have delivered over 65,000 cars, trucks & SUVs to dealers around the world.

Flashback to a year ago, and we were introduced to a new version of an old friend. As the centerpiece for our monthly Cars & Coffee event, the 2020 GMC Syclone arrived with all-new suspension, wheels, brakes, and an SVE proprietary supercharger on the 3.6-liter V6. It offers brutal acceleration along with comfort and leather. Because no detail was overlooked, it was immediately embraced by Syclone and Typhoon fans thanks to 455 horsepower and 4WD. As this limited production truck was being delivered, something even more unprecedented was being developed in secret.

The 2021 V8 Supercharged GMC Syclone combines the latest LT-1 V8 with boost & Full-Time 4WD. Starting with a forged 5.3L bottom end, ported SVE heads receive enough boost to make 750 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. The 8-speed automatic has been injected with hardened internals and a torque converter of their own design. The optional suspension from last year is now standard. It has a 2″/5″ drop along with their beefy traction bars and solid sway bars. Limited to 50 examples, you will have ZR1 power sent to a locked transfer case. It sends 62% to the rear and 38% front for perfect, consistent launches.

Never forgetting where they came from, the 2021 YENKO/SC Supercar is the ultimate Camaro. Their forged 6.8-liter packs 416 inches of forged internals topped by ported LT-4 heads and their supercharger. Limited to 50 cars, the YENKO/SC Stage II offers 1,050 horsepower and 900 lb-ft of torque. Limited to 25 automatics and 25 six-speed manual examples, they will be built alongside 10 Stage 1 convertibles. Each parking 1,000 horsepower and 875 lb-ft of torque, they will be among the most powerful production drop-tops of all time. As with the Syclone, each car will be sequentially numbered and badged. All SVE models are available from any GM dealer and backed by a 3-year/36,000 warranty. If you demand the best from your new car or truck, SVE has what you need. 



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The NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine features an all-new look for the cover and pages inside. This latest evolution of our magazine is our best yet.

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Inside the NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine is an all-new layout that features four distinct sections: Buy, Drive, Live and Sell. These following along the exotic car ownership experience and feature original editorial.

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The NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine cover and pages are now of higher quality material, providing readers with a more premium and substantial reading experience than ever before.


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