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duPont REGISTRY July 2022

duPont REGISTRY July 2022

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It has never been easier in the modern era to clap along with the drumbeat of American automobile exceptionalism. Forget the 1980s and ’90s, when our OEMs were running cars through Xerox machines. Today, America makes electric cars that are unbeatable at the dragstrip. We make supertrucks that fly and SUVs that crawl out of craters. And we have the best performance bargain in the world — the Chevrolet Corvette.

That’s why, in celebration of Americana, we had to have the newest variant on our cover. While the base Corvette Stingray went exotic on us with the debut of the platform’s midengine layout, the new Corvette Z06 takes another giant leap with the introduction of an actual race engine for the street — an all-aluminum, free-breathing 5.5-liter V8 with a dry sump, flat-plate crankshaft, and screeching 8,600 rpm redline. A cover is the least we could do to celebrate this car’s existence, which you can learn more about on page 14.

Another American midengine supercar, the Ford GT, is still alive, and it’s kicking like a pack mule on meth. The latest version in a line of many special editions is the Holman Moody Heritage Edition, which honors the man who placed third in the automaker’s famous 1-2-3 sweep at Le Mans in 1966 where the original car debuted. On page 27, we look back at the amazing history of America’s Ferrari-killing supercar. Let’s move on to innovation. Tesla has been leading the charge for us Yanks, but on page 24, let us tell you what Texas-based Hennessey Performance Engineering has planned. The boutique automaker is working on a six-wheel electric supercar that seats four in a 1-2-1 configuration. It’s called Project Deep Space, and it’s wild.

Speaking of electric vehicles, America is dominating that segment too, particularly trucks. On page 36, we present our first driving impressions of the GMC Hummer EV. Subtle, it is not. Drive it, we did. Where do you drive all of the awesome American cars currently available? We’ll tell you on page 42, where we count down the very best driving roads in America. We recommend the best rides for each trek. But if you prefer a little more wind in your hair, a motorcycle from Combat Motors would prove an equally fine companion — flip to page 57 to read about Combat’s 2022 fleet.

America has a lot to celebrate in the world of racing, thanks to a third stateside Formula 1 grand prix confirmed for 2023. The latest host city to join the ranks will be Las Vegas. We reflect on the sport’s history in Sin City with 75-year-old world champion Alan Jones, who won the inaugural Vegas race back in 1981, then held in the Caesar’s Palace parking lot. Read about it on page 48.

Looking past cars, this issue also brings you the very best in vacation-ready dive watches (page 70), bourbon drinks (page 78), and fine leather (page 87).

Yes, we’re celebrating the Red, White, and Blue this month. Can you hear that drumbeat getting louder?

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