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duPont REGISTRY June 2020

duPont REGISTRY June 2020

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S​ightings of an orange blur have been reported on Interstate 10. Rumors abound that the world’s most powerful 2020 Corvette lives a few miles west of Houston, and a fleeting glimpse has put aftermarket on alert. Why?  Because the successes of Hennessey Performance Engineering are based on doing what others would never attempt. In addition to building 6×6 GM & Ford trucks, this team is putting the final touches on the Venom F5. With dozens of builds in-progress, John Hennessey has pulled his best technicians together for something unprecedented.

Once delivery of his new 2020 Corvette was taken there was no time to waste. Upon the careful study of the intake and exhaust systems, the car was treated to a pair of billet turbochargers, Air to Water intercoolers, and methanol injection. With only 5 lbs of boost, the car gained 177 horsepower at the rear wheels and 119 lb-ft of torque. Incredible gains with a conservative setup have reinforced their goal of reaching 1,200 horsepower by the end of the year.

Most shops would be reticent to take on the most unconventional Corvette in Chevrolet’s history. But John sees it as an advantage. Chevrolet couldn’t offer a true tunnel-ram intake because it would block the driver’s view. The new Corvette has a tall manifold with long runners to optimize breathing. It is a great design, but many agree that a supercharger would look better. As you are reading this, Hennessey Performance is already working on a billet blower for those who don’t want to go turbo. Another first is digging into the dual-clutch transmission. Whatever you choose, it will include a transmission upgrade to handle the power.

As with any high-horsepower build, there is a limit to the engine’s original parts. That is why they are burning the candle at both ends to develop forged internals, stronger springs, and high-flowing heads to make use of more boost. You can’t rush perfection, so all of this is being done in the virtual world before the first prototypes are machined. In the meantime, your Corvette can be treated to bigger brakes, a Hennessey Performance suspension upgrade package, and several carbon-fiber aerodynamic enhancements. Developed simultaneously with the turbo kit, a new stainless exhaust is a great way to add power and personality to your car.

As always, all Hennessey news can be found on, so stay with us for all your Hennessey Performance Engineering updates.


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