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duPont REGISTRY June 2024

duPont REGISTRY June 2024

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The process of ordering a new Porsche is an in-depth and magical experience. Choosing the exterior color, interior materials, options, and so forth can keep just about anyone entertained for hours. But what if that ordering process was even more personalized and allowed you to create the Porsche of your dreams? What if the car you’re looking to customize isn’t new? That’s where Porsche’s Sonderwunsch program comes in.

The word “Sonderwunsch” translates from German to “Special Wishes,” a befitting name for the program. For those looking to order a truly custom new Porsche, there is the ‘Sonderwunsch Factory Commission’ Cars as old as the classic 356 can receive re-specified options through ‘Sonderwunsch Factory Re-Commission’. Learn all about what Porsche’s incredible program offers in our cover story.

Rounding out the BUY section is our review of the new McLaren 750S, penned by our own Gabriel Vega Cortés, as well as a dive into the bespoke services offered by OEMs such as Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, and others.

In the DRIVE section, we pay special tribute to the one-and-only Marcello Gandini. Designer of iconic cars like the Lamborghini Countach, Lancia Stratos, and countless others, he left a lasting mark on the automotive world. Prospective buyers looking to get a car that bleeds racing technology ought to read our “TRACK TO ROAD” story which discusses how motorsport developments have helped shape modern automotive marvels. Finally, our Formula 1 coverage for the month looks at McLaren’s recent surge in both performance and standings.

For LIVE, we have some special pieces for our watch fans. Ahead of the Louis Vuitton 37th America’s Cup, taking place between August and October in Barcelona, we offer a glimpse at the top luxury watch brands that have partnered with participating sailing teams. Our final read for this issue is a special one thanks to an interview with legendary race car driver Jacky Ickx. We had the opportunity to chat with Ickx regarding his successes and his 36- year involvement in the watch industry - all with Chopard.

As always, our SELL section is filled with the finest automobiles for sale, ranging from classics to the latest innovations. Be sure to flip through our classifieds where there are plenty of surprises to be found. In fact, you may even find your next dream car on our pages this month. We bet that you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

Enjoy the issue.

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New Design

The NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine features an all-new look for the cover and pages inside. This latest evolution of our magazine is our best yet.

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Inside the NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine is an all-new layout that features four distinct sections: Buy, Drive, Live and Sell. These following along the exotic car ownership experience and feature original editorial.

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The NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine cover and pages are now of higher quality material, providing readers with a more premium and substantial reading experience than ever before.


You won't be able to find the NEW duPont REGISTRY magazine just about anywhere as it's become much more exclusive and distribution is more selective. The easiest way to purchase new issues is to do so right here on our online shop.


Every issue features two covers: one for newstands and another designed exclsuively for subscribers. Subscribers recieve an art-forward cover with less text that's crfted to collect.