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duPont REGISTRY March 2020

duPont REGISTRY March 2020

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Dear Reader,

As many of you already know, the January Arizona auction extravaganza is over and the collector car marketplace is off to a grand start. However, it’s 2020 and you are going to need 20/20 vision in order to clearly understand the market. The results of the week-long (ten-day) frenzy are in and total dollars are reported to be off by approximately 3%,totaling around $244 million.

But cars actually sold were up by over 12%. While this resulted in a downturn in the average sold price, the market is obviously still very, very active. Of the top cars actually sold from all auctions, Ferraris lead the way. Half of the top ten cars were the Ferrari marque. It should be noted that the number two car sold was offered by Barrett-Jackson.

It was the first 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe and crossed the block for $3 million. Proceeds were given to the Detroit Children’s Fund.
Speaking of Barrett-Jackson, the duPont REGISTRY™ was front and center with a display of almost $2 million worth of our best clients’ products. Many thanks to Marshall Goldman Motor Sales (last month’s cover cars), the Rezvani Tank, Tuscany’s GMC Harley-Davidson truck, Airstream, Vanderhall and the Ferrari Pista from XPEL and Graham Rahal. And of course, Ronald McDonald’s raffle car. All of the vehicles were framed with fabulous displays from Tire Stickers and Wheel Specialists Inc.representing Lexani Wheels.

Off the block, the event of the week was the annual duPont REGISTRY™
After Party at the W Scottsdale. At the entrance to the hotel was a spectacular display featuring over $7 million worth of cars. A special thanks to Apollo, McLaren Scottsdale, Scottsdale Ferrari and Vanderhall for bringing cars to showcase. The party space this  year was three times larger than in the past because of the enormous number of enthusiasts in town who were ready to celebrate with the duPont REGISTRY™.

Do not miss the Uncovered article on pages 24 and 25 featuring a unique
collection of three hyper-supercars from Excell Auto Group in Boca Raton, Florida. There is nothing better than the design excellence and extraordinary performance and hyper value ($9 million) of a Ferrari, a Pagani and a Porsche. The “hat trick” cover will itself become a collector’s item.

Do not miss the next big event on the 2020 calendar. Join us as we move across the country from sunny Arizona to sunny Florida.The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is on the first weekend in March (5th through the 8th). We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Happy Motoring,

Thomas L. duPont
Publisher Emeritus

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