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duPont REGISTRY March 2023

duPont REGISTRY March 2023

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No cars in the history of duPont REGISTRY’s publication have ever embodied the spirit of this magazine more than Bugatti’s hypercars of the modern era. Starting with the Veyron in 2005 and continuing with the soon-to-be sunsetted Chiron that debuted in 2016, these two special vehicles have spawned many special editions and set many world records during their time in the spotlight.
One thing about them, however, has remained constant: their quad-turbo W16 engine. In the original Veyron, this 16-cylinder, 8.0-liter mill produced 987 horsepower. Now, near the end of its run, it makes 1,577 hp. The final resting place of the legendary W16 is this month’s cover car, the Bugatti Mistral, which will be the last road-going Bugatti ever to feature this engine of engines.
The Mistral is a car worthy of this honor. It pays tribute to the winds from southern France for which it’s named by opening up to the elements. The roofless shape is a spiritual successor to the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport and takes inspiration from the gorgeous 1934 Type 57 Roadster Grand Raid.
From its unique front end with quad-stacked LED headlights that help reduce drag to its X-themed taillights that aid cooling, the Mistral is all business. While not official, it is likely one of the fastest, if not the fastest, open-top production vehicles in the world and maybe of all time.
Of course, this sort of capability, import, and exclusivity comes with an equally eye-popping price tag: €5,000,000. And if you’re a regular reader of dR, you won’t be surprised to learn that all 99 of its production slots are spoken for. That’s okay, though, as you and I both know we’ll see a Mistral for sale on these pages soon enough.
How about something more attainable for this issue’s second course? Join us on page XX for our driving evaluation of the Ferrari Roma, a surprisingly divisive member of Enzo’s corral. Is it really an “entry-level” car just because it’s the least expensive Ferrari? Or is each part of it infused with as much essence of Italian supercar as the rest of the brand’s lineup?
Speaking of affordability, take a beat before you buy your second, third, and fourth collector car to read our report on the hidden costs of maintaining a car collection on page XX. It’s not the money required to fill your garage that will get you, but rather the recurring payments for things like insurance, electricity, detailing, and the like.
We’ve got even more for you this month, including a list of the best minute repeater watches, a breathtaking residence on the water in Carmel Highlands, and a very special McLaren Elva for sale you have to see to believe.
No joke – this is a packed April issue we can’t wait to share with you. Don’t be a fool and waste another second having not read it.

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