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duPont REGISTRY November 2023

duPont REGISTRY November 2023

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For a long time I hated convertibles. Why would I want the wind to mess up my hair and have every passerby know what podcast I’m listening to? But I’ve changed. This Midwesterner finally made a visit to Palm Springs, California, which was all it took. Palm Springs is a place where convertibles should be proffered upon entry to residents and tourists alike. The dry heat, the desert wind, and the mountain views would be wasted on a closed-roof coupe. I’ve been scouring these pages ever since for a suitable convertible to obsess over.

Thankfully, this month’s issue of duPont REGISTRY is chock full of ragtops. Our cover is graced by the new pinnacle of rooflessness, the Amethyst Droptail by Rolls-Royce. One of four droptail models built bespoke for the brand’s most important clients, the Amethyst takes a decidedly purple approach to things. It also features the world’s first and only downforce-producing piece of wood on a car: an aerodynamic rear deck made of raw wood that looks nothing like a spoiler but apparently produces a similar effect. The cabin uses swaths of the same tree meat, along with Sand Dune brown leather and more purple surfaces.

As if answering my prayers, dR editor Gabriel Vega also arrived this month with a full review of the latest Bentley Continental GTC (the ‘C’ stands for convertible). I can’t begin to explain how beautiful the Continental GTC is in my eyes, so I’ll let our photography do the talking and see if you agree. Take a ride on the windy side with Gabriel and the Conti GTC on page 22.

Not looking to be out-bespoked by Rolls-Royce, Bugatti is pushing its individualization program, called Sur Mesure, by debuting a one-off Chiron Super Sport called Golden Era that’s hand-painted in a swirling two-tone of black and gold. Needing to know more about what the French manufacturer is doing with unique customer requests like this, we grabbed Bugatti’s Director of Design, Frank Heyl, for an interview. Follow our conversation on page 40.

Closing out this month’s issue is our take on the sudden and surprising rise of the Williams team in Formula 1 this year (page 48), as well as the new 2023 Watch Guide(page 66). Whether you’re looking for the perfect diving watch or a classic luxury timepiece, there’s plenty to discover in our Watch Guide. I’m still searching for my perfect convertible, but if you’ve got one already, tip the top back and enjoy some remaining rays of summer. If you’re still driving around with a roof like me, then I hope we don’t meet on the battlefield trying to procure one of the incredible convertibles for sale in these pages. Mercy will not be given.

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