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duPont REGISTRY October 2022

duPont REGISTRY October 2022

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What’s your favorite film in the Back to the Future franchise? Mine’s Back to the Future II because it showed what cars looked like 26 years in the future, at least according to director Robert Zemeckis way back in 1989. The film was set in 2015 and showed a believably futuristic Hill Valley complete with traffic on the street from real car brands. In the world of BTTF, the Ford Probe became an over-cladded wedge and the Jeep Wrangler’s design became stuck in time.

Zemeckis’ vision of 2015 did not come to pass, but seven years later in 2022, we are witnessing a new vision emerge for the automobile and aficionados alike: the rise of the electric vehicle.

For people like you and me, the star of the films was Doc Brown’s early-’80s DMC DeLorean. The automaker went on hiatus for decades, leaving fans waiting for more. But the brand recently emerged with an all-new car called the Alpha5. It’s an all electric super coupe with, of course, gull-wing doors, but the Alpha5 doesn’t trade entirely on its past. Follow us as we don our favorite puffy vests and look into DeLorean’s future on page 16.

In addition to reviving old nameplates, the nascent EV era is spawning a host of new ones. You may be unfamiliar with Drako, but the California-based EV automaker is about to unveil its second model: a super SUV the company promises is even quicker than its first car, the GTE. The 1,200-horsepower GTE has proven to be the real deal, so we have faith the aptly named Dragon will breathe fire soon. Learn more about these million-dollar EVs on page 27.

Switching gears to electric luxury cars you can park in your garage today, our review on page 30 of the Audi e-tron reveals why luxury automakers in particular are poised to be the vanguard of the electric revolution. The e-tron is first and foremost an Audi, with everything that entails, as well as a solid EV.

The electric revolution has even reached the hallowed halls of Ferrari, which we all thought would carry the torch of internal combustion until the brand itself imploded. Rather than park on the wrong side of history, though, Ferrari is approaching electrification with a deliberate, thoughtful, and measured approach. On page 34, we break down the brand’s timeline for electrification and wonder if the day will come when its trademarked V12 wail will be silenced.

With the proliferation of a new power source for cars, other aspects of driving need to be rethought. Do EVs work better in some places than others? We’ll tell you which cities are the most EV-friendly on page 40. What accessories do you need to get the most out of your EV road trip? Our list of the best EV accoutrements answers that question on page 47.

That’s right, it’s EVs and more in this month’s issue of duPont REGISTRY. Keep the pages turning to read our opus on electrification. And for those who just can’t get excited about our inevitable electric future, well, Marty said it best: “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.”

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